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2001 Berrah, F.; Guesdon, A.; Leclaire, A.; Borel, M.M.; Provost, J.; Raveau, B.; The vanadium monophosphates A V O P O4 : synthesis of a second Form beta-(K V O P O4) and structural relationships in the series K (V O) (P O4) P212121
1999 Berrah, F.; Guesdon, A.; Leclaire, A.; Borel, M.M.; Raveau, B.; On the intersecting tunnel structure of the monophosphates A3 (V, W)4 O9 (P O4)2 with A= Rb, Tl, Cs Rb3 ((V1.63 W2.37) O9) (P O4)2 PNMA
1996 Millange, F.; Caignaert, V.; Mather, G.; Suard, E.; Raveau, B.; Low temperature orthorhombic to monoclinic transition due to size effect in Nd0.7 Ca0.3-x Srx Mn O3 : evidence for a new type of charge ordering (Nd0.7 Ca0.3) Mn O3 PNMA
1996 Pelloquin, D.; Maignan, A.; Guesdon, A.; Hardy, V.; Raveau, B.; Single crystal study of the "1201" superconductor Hg0.8 Bi0.2 Ba2 Cu O4+d (Hg0.78 Bi0.22) Ba2 Cu O4.28 P4/MMM
1996 Ledain, S.; Leclaire, A.; Borel, M.M.; Provost, J.; Raveau, B.; A molybdenum V diphosphate with the K Mo O P2 O7 structure: Na Mo O P2 O7 Na Mo O (P2 O7) P212121
1995 Caignaert, V.; Mirebeau, I.; Bouree, F.; Nguyen, N.; Ducouret, A.; Greneche, J.M.; Raveau, B.; Crystal and magnetic structure of Y Ba Cu Fe O5 Y Ba Cu Fe O5 P4/MMM
1995 Caignaert, V.; Suard, E.; Maignan, A.; Simon, C.; Raveau, B.; Variation of the Jahn Teller distortion of Mn at the ferromagnetic transition in the CMR perovskite Pr0.7 Ca0.2 Sr0.1 Mn O3 (Pr0.7 Ca0.2 Sr0.1) Mn O3 PBNM
1994 Michel, C.; Pelloquin, D.; Hervieu, M.; Raveau, B.; Neutron diffraction study of the nonmodulated 2212-type cuprate Bi1.5Ba2.5LaCu2O8.25 Bi1.5 Ba2.5 La Cu2 O8.24 I4/MMM
1994 Borel, M.M.; Leclaire, A.; Grandin, A.; Raveau, B.; Cs3Mo4P4O22: A mixed valent monophosphate isotypic with K2Mo2P2O/11 Cs1.5 (Mo2 P2 O11) P121/C1
1994 Leclaire, A.; Chardon, J.; Borel, M.M.; Raveau, B.; A mixed valent titanium diphosphate with an intersecting tunnel structure K0./58TiP2O7 K0.58 Ti (P2 O7) C12/C1
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