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1999 Quartieri, S.; Sani, A.; Vezzalini, G.; Galli, E.; Fois, E.; Gamba, A.; Tabacchi, G.; One-dimensional ice in bikitaite: single-crystal X-ray diffraction,infra-red spectroscopy and ab-initio molecular dynamics studies Li2 (Al2 Si4 O12) (H2 O)2 P1 Bikitaite 1A
1997 Brigatti, M.F.; Galli, E.; Medici, L.; Ba-rich celestine: new data and crystal structure refinement (Sr0.87 Ba0.13) (S O4) PNMA Celestine
1997 Alberti, A.; Martucci, A.; Galli, E.; Vezzalini, G.; A reexamination of the crystal structure of erionite K1.96 Ca3.56 (Al9.48 Si26.52 O72) (H2 O)30.78 P63/MMC Erionite
1996 Alberti, A.; Vezzalini, G.; Galli, E.; Quartieri, S.; The crystal structure of gottardiite, a new natural zeolite (Na2.5 K0.2 Mg3.1 Ca4.9) (Al20.4 Si115.6 O272) (H2 O)93 CMCA Gottardiite
1991 Brigatti, M.F.; Galli, E.; Poppi, L.; Effect of Ti substitution in biotite-1M crystal chemistry K (Mg2.06 Fe.6 Ti.34) (Al1.14 Si2.86 O10) (O H)1.16 F.3 O.54 C12/M1 Biotite 1M
1991 Giuseppetti, G.; Mazzi, F.; Tadini, C.; Galli, E.; The revised crystal structure of roggianite: Ca2 (Be (O H)2 Al2 Si4 O13) < 2.5(H2 O) Ca2 (Be (O H)2 Al2 Si4 O13) (H2 O)2.34 I4/MCM Roggianite
1982 Galli, E.; Passaglia, E.; Zanazzi, P.F.; Gmelinite: structural refinements of sodium-rich and calcium-rich natural crystals Na2 Al2 Si4 O12 (H2 O)5 P63/MMC Gmelinite
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