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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2004 Kuratieva, N.V.; Naumova, M.I.; Naumov, D.Yu.; Podberezskaya, N.V.; The synthesis and crystal structure of two polymorphs of hexaaquamagnesium(II) hypophosphite (Mg (H2 O)6) (H2 P O2)2 I41/ACDZ
2003 Tahiri, A.A.; Ouarsal, R.; Lachkar, M.; Zavalij, P.Yu.; El Bali, B.; Dipotassium zinc bis(dihydrogendiphosphate) dihydrate, K2 Zn (H2 P2 O7)2 * 2(H2 O) K2 Zn (H2 P2 O7)2 (H2 O)2 P1-
2003 Troyanov, S.I.; Kosterina, E.V.; Loose, A.; Reehuis, M.; Kemnitz, E.; Single crystal neutron diffraction study of the phase transition in (N H4) H5 (P O4)2 (N H4) (H2 P O4) (H3 P O4) P121/C1
2003 Krupkova, R.; Fabry, J.; Vanek, P.; Cisarova, I.; Two modifications of a (K H2 P O4) * (H F) adduct (K (H2 P O4)) (H F) P121/C1
2003 Ivashkevich, L.S.; Lyakhov, A.S.; Selevich, A.F.; Lesnikovich, A.I.; Ab initio structure determination of In2 H2 (P2 O7) (P4 O12) from X-ray powder diffraction data In2 H2 (P2 O7) (P4 O12) PMMNZ
2002 Selevich, K.A.; Ivashkevich, L.S.; Selevich, A.F.; Lyakhov, A.S.; Refinement of crystal structure of Na2 H2 P2 O7 using X-ray powder diffraction data Na2 (H2 P2 O7) FDDDZ
1998 Haile, S.M.; Calkins, P.M.; X-ray diffraction study of Cs5 (H S O4)3 (H2 P O4)2, a new solid acid with a unique hydrogen-bond network Cs5 (H S O4)3 (H2 P O4)2 C12/C1
1994 Preisinger, A.; Mereiter, K.; Bronowska, W.; The phase transition of Cs H2 P O4 (CDP) at 505K Cs (H2 P O4) P121/M1
1993 Marcos, M.D.; Amoros, P.; Sapina, F.; Beltran-Porter, A.; Martinez-Manez, R.; Attfield, J.-P.; New lamellar oxophosphorus derivatives of nickel(II): X-ray powder diffraction structure determinations and magnetic studies of Ni(HPO3).H2O, NiCl(H2PO2).H2O and NixCo1-x(HPO3).H2O solid solutions Ni Cl (H2 P O2) (H2 O) PBCA
1992 Tanner, P.A.; Hung Sze-To; Mak, T.C.W.; Wang Ru-Ji; Synthesis, structure and vibrational spectra of a new uranium(IV) complex: U Cl (H2 P O2)3 . 2 H2 O U Cl (H2 P O2)3 (H2 O)2 PBCM
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