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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2004 Pretsch, T.; Bruedgam, I.; Hartl, H.; Konformation und Vernetzung von (Cu C N)6 - Ringen in polymeren Cyanocupraten(I) (infty n)(Cu2 (C N)(3))(-) (n = 2, 3) Cs (Cu2 (C N)3) (H2 O) PBCA
2004 Hassan, I.; Antao, S.M.; Parise, J.B.; Sodalite: high-temperature structures obtained from synchrotron radiation and Rietveld refinements Na8 (Al6 Si6 O24) Cl2 P4-3N Sodalite
2004 Song, G.B.; Liang, J.K.; Yang, L.T.; Liu, Q.L.; Liu, G.Y.; Yang, H.F.; Rao, G.H.; Subsolidus phase relation and crystal structure of the Pr Ba2-x Srx Cu3 O7+d system Pr (Ba1.8 Sr0.2) (Cu3 O6.77) PMMM
2004 Karray, R.; Kabadou, A.; Cisarova, I.; Ben Hassen, R.; Ben Salah, A.; Structure of rubidium - ammonium hexachlorotellurate (Rb0.8 (N H4)0.2)2 Te Cl6 at room and low temperatures (Rb0.79 (N H4)0.21)2 (Te Cl6) FM3-M
2004 McLaughlin, A.C.; Attfield, J.P.; Liu, R.S.; Jang, L.-Y.; Zhou, W.Z.; Studies of microstructure and ruthenium valence in the ruthenocuprates Pb2 Ru Sr2 Cu2 O8 Cl and (Ru, M) Sr2 Gd Cu2 O8 (M =Sn, Nb) Pb2 Sr2 Cl (Ru Cu2 O8) P4/MBM
2004 Flemstroem, A.; Hirsch, T.K.; Eriksson, L.; Lidin, S.; The structures of X2 ((Mo6 Cl8) Cl6) * n(H2 O), X = N H4, K, Rb, Cs Rb2 ((Mo Cl)6 Cl8) (H2 O) I1A1
2003 Porter, Y.; Halasyamani, P.S.; Syntheses, structures and characterization of new lead(II) - tellurium(IV) - oxide halides : Pb3 Te2 O6 X2 and Pb3 Te O4 X2 (X = Cl or Br) Pb3 (Te2 O6) Cl2 C12/M1
2003 Wickleder, M.S.; Ben Hamida, M.; Co Sm (Se O3)2 Cl, Cu Gd (Se O3)2 Cl, Mn Sm (Se O3)2 Cl, Cu Gd2 (Se O3)4 und Cu Sm2 (Se O3)4: Uebergangsmetallhaltige Selenite von Samarium und Gadolinium Co Sm (Se O3)2 Cl P1-
2003 Bremner, C.A.; Harrison, W.T.A.; Bis(1-carbamoylguanidinium) diaquatetrachlorocobaltate(II) (C2 H7 N4 O)2 (Co Cl4 (H2 O)2) P121/N1
2003 Parthe, E.; Hu, S.-Z.; Ca Fe O2 Cl and Ca2 Fe O3 Cl with higher space group symmetry, a reevaluation Ca Fe O2 Cl C12/M1
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